Talia Genevieve VO

I have worked with numerous voice talent over the years and Talia is one of the very best. She has unrivaled range and can go from confident and sexy to fun and bright along with everything in between at the drop of a hat. She goes above and beyond for her clients to make sure they get what they need and more. She is always my first choice in any audition and everyone that hires her is lucky to work with her.
—Sarah Stusek, Producer at TBC Advertising, Baltimore
I’ve worked with Talia numerous times, on a wide range of projects, and each time she has brought energy, passion, skill to the session. She always makes it a point to give the client exactly what they want, in a professional and effortless way. With such a huge range and versatility, there’s not much she can't do"
—Jeff King, Engineer at Baker Sound Studios, Philadelphia
Every teacher dreams of having a star student and for me it was Talia Genevieve! From our very first lesson together I knew that she had "IT"! She is amazingly talented, takes direction well and works incredibly hard to master the craft. With great focus and keen instincts, she knows how to make a piece of copy come alive. She is truly a rising star on the voice-over horizon!
—Eve Elliott, Voice-over Talent & Coach